Welcome to the Greenhouse

A low-cost, unconventional business community for values-driven herbal entrepreneurs.

Nothing in nature works by itself, and neither should you.

Whether you are a product maker, herbal clinician, cannabis consultant, herb farmer, educator, retailer, or really anyone who works holistically with medicinal plants, I bet you've got a lot of practice DIY-ing things.

In many ways, it's what's gotten you here. From learning how to can our own homegrown food and make our own medicine, to making collaged punk show flyers and photocopying zines, many of us have carried this DIY ethos into our entrepreneurship (I know I sure did).

But the thing is: learning these skills happens best in community with others. And many of us lack community when it comes to our work as herbalists, as entrepreneurs, and/or as business owners who want to do things differently.

This isolation that many of us feel, combined with our DIY ethos, leaves many of us Googling endlessly to learn how to navigate the regulations or our business softwares. Or trying to no avail to find marketing advice that feels a) aligned with our values and b) appropriate for a regulated industry like ours.

It's exhausting, confusing, and can lead to burnout real quick.

For all these reasons and more, I created The Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse brings together values-driven herbal entrepreneurs like YOU. Folks who are in years 0-3 of their business, who are passionate about plant medicine but feel a little lost (maybe even resistant) when it comes to the business end of things.

This community is for you if you are SO ready to stop DIY-ing it, and want to:

  • grow your business skills
  • unlearn conventional, harmful business practices, and
  • build relationships + collaborate with other like-minded plant workers

so that you can grow a flourishing business that BOTH supports you financially AND brings more healing to the world.

The Greenhouse is a space where we can come together to collectively define new and aligned ways of doing business that are rooted in nature (not in extractive capitalism).

Where we can share with one another skills and knowledge - as well as the motivation and support we need - so that we can start and grow compliant, profitable, and ethical herbal businesses that are aligned with our values and make a difference in the world.

It's also a space you can bring your WHOLE self. Here we don't just talk about the outer nuts and bolts of running a business or strategize around making money. We talk about our big dreams and visions for a more just, sustainable world because that's what keeps us going and keeps our biz decisions aligned.

And we talk about the hard stuff, too. Because all the strategy and know-how in the world is worthless if we have inner blocks, fears, resistances, or beliefs throwing wrenches under the surface. When we work through these places, there is incredible potential on the other side.

With the right support, your business can be a force of nature.
A force of healing.

The Greenhouse is a vessel where we can
make this medicine together.

What's included

  • A network of values-rooted, plant-loving entrepreneurs to help support you on your journey (that's NOT on Facebook!)
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate with others, even get paid to teach what you know to fellow members

  • MONTHLY workshops and skillshares on rotating topics

  • MONTHLY Business Round Table calls where you can get support, inspiration, and encouragement from your coach Stephanie, as well as others in the group

  • Periodic bonus Tech Tutorials to help you master online tools for graphic design, accounting, booking, social media planners, and more!

  • An ever-growing library of templates and other resources for all areas of your business, so you don't have to waste time Googling or reinventing the wheel.

  • Access to past workshop recordings so you can watch and learn on your own time.

  • Resources, recommendations, inspiration, tips, and provoking questions shared by both your host and others, as well as opportunities to go deeper and get more focused support.

Meet your Facilitator

Here's a quick video intro so you can meet me and get a sneak peek at the Greenhouse space. (Click the CC button at the bottom of the video to turn on closed captions)


Founding Members Rate: $40/month*

(Regular Rate: $50/month)

* As a thank you to folks who join in February, you get access to the Founding Members rate of only $40/month, good for as long as you remain a member.

(Note: 20% of spots are reserved for low-income/BIPOC members at the reduced rate of $25/month. If you'd like to access this rate, or want more context around why I do this and how to know if you qualify, head here.)


What's the commitment like?
There is none! If you want to just see what it's like, or are interested in this month's workshop, you can come in for just one month. And you can pop in and out as much as you want. However, if you want to get the most of our this space and cultivate deeper connections, I recommend sticking around for at least 6 months.

Do you offer a free trial?
Yes! All new members get access to a 30-day free trial before your card is charged.

I'm new to herbalism and/or starting a business. Is this group for me?
Absolutely. I designed this space with early-stage entrepreneurs in mind (years 0-3-ish) so that you can build a solid foundation and get support even while your budget may be limited.

Not only is this the perfect moment to gain the necessary business skills, but it's also a time when entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable to adopting crappy, conventional business norms (I know I did). Together, we'll do a lot of learning, but also a lot of questioning and unlearning.

I've been at this business thing for a while already. Is this group for me?
Yes, and you may also need a little bit more. If you're looking for more individualized or advanced support, I'd recommend checking out my 1:1 coaching here. And bonus: all of my private clients get complimentary access to this group, so that you can also benefit from the content, community + collaboration (and potentially get paid to share your expertise).

What's this about getting paid to teach?
In creating this community, it felt important to not make it all about me as the facilitator (like some other online "communities"). So while I have a lot to share and plan to teach regular workshops, I also am excited to host workshops and skill-shares taught by YOU.

If you have anything to share that would benefit other herbal entrepreneurs, you'll be able to submit a proposal on that topic. And if it feels like a good fit, I'll pay you for your time! Not only can this help offset your membership cost, but is also great practice if you want to gain experience teaching online.

I have more questions! Can I reach out to you?
Yes, please do! My email is [email protected]I look forward to hearing from you!

Ready to come inside the Greenhouse and give your business what it needs to flourish? Click below to start your 30-day free trial.

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