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Nothing in nature works by itself, and neither should you.

The Bud to Bloom Community brings together emerging Herbal and Hemp entrepreneurs like YOU. Folks who are just starting out or even a few years in, who are passionate about plant medicine, but feel a little lost when it comes to the business end of the herbs.

This is a space for herbal product makers, CBD manufacturers, herbal clinicians, cannabis consultants, herb farmers and hemp cultivators, educators, retailers, and really anyone who works holistically with medicinal plants and wants to be able to make a living from it. 

In this space we share with one another skills and knowledge - as well as the motivation and support we need - so that we can start and grow compliant, profitable, and ethical herbal + hemp businesses that are aligned with our values and with the plants, and make a difference in the world.

It's also a space you can bring your WHOLE self. Because here we don't just talk about the outer nuts and bolts (although we definitely do that). We know that all the strategy in the world is worthless if you have inner blocks, fears, and beliefs that are throwing wrenches under the surface. And we also know that if your business isn't aligned with your values and visions for the world, it's never going to feel successful.

Because of that, and because we're all plant people here, this is also a space where we get to collectively define new and aligned ways of doing business that are rooted in the plants (not in extractive capitalism).

You in?

What's inside

When you join for free, you'll get access to:

  • A network of like-minded plant-loving entrepreneurs to help support you on your journey (that's NOT on Facebook!)
  • Opportunities to form collaborations with others (think: joint instagram giveaways, co-teaching classes, farmer-producer relationships, etc.)

  • Resources, recommendations, inspiration, tips, and provoking questions shared by both your host and others, as well as opportunities to go deeper and get more focused support.

How to join

Just click the link at the top of the page and answer a few short questions! After its reviewed by your host, you'll get an email invitation where you can register and start connecting!

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